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"Made in America, by Americans, for the  world"

 United Structural Associates' structural building systems solve key issues associated with the full spectrum of building technologies previously available, from construction to ownership.  We serve residential, commercial, municipal and government projects with a better cost to construct and maintain, faster delivery and key technological quality factors including fire, mold, insect and severe storm protection along with significant green attributes.   Let's make a "Safe and Greener World" together.

  • Our system is stronger than concrete and 9 to 10 times lighter.
  • At Architectural Testing Inc. our material exceeded Cat 5 Hurricane standards,  withstood 9 lb. missile impact at over 100’ per second (70+mph).  At Georgia-Pacific, our material withstood an axial load of 30+ tons per sq ft. (Go to Technical Info tab)
  • Our system goes up 60-70% faster than normal construction. More cost effective when compared to normal construction methods.  Reduced building maintenance and energy costs for the owner.
  • USA’s innovative ‘Continuous Clip System’ frame design assures unprecedented  building strength between all roof, wall, and floor connections. 
  • R30 Insulation Value in our 4” thick wall.
  • Our system is fireproof (UL-Test), termite proof, mold proof, waterproof and will not crack, shrink or expand, 100% non-toxic thereby reducing owner’s operating expenses. (Go Technical Info tab)